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"Mike Morgan has a passion for pulling powerful customer insights from large and challenging data sets. He has also held senior management positions at some of the most respected primary research and database marketing organizations in the world – Savitz Research Solutions, JWT Worldwide, M/A/R/C Research, Sprint Business Marketing, and others.

Mike is not simply a statistician. He seems to have a sixth sense for the correct design of research and modeling that will produce the kinds of business outcomes sought most by our clients – increase revenues, profits, marketing share, customer base, brand equity and providing customers with effective and convenient shopping channels, traditional and online. We are fortunate to have an individual who is a seasoned business strategist, a cutting edge methodologist and statistical / machine learning programmer and can combine these into highly effective investigative tools and highly insightful results."

Ron Shipp, President, CIQ Analytics, Dallas, TX Executive

"Mike Morgan has worked with me as a statistician and marketing consultant on research projects for my company, Savitz Research and Consulting, for quite a few years. Working for me on advanced analytics from time to time, across a wide variety of projects, his contributions have led us to deliver added economic value to our clients. He can be quite articulate in explaining as well as selling and self-executing customer behavior.

Al models, market sizing analyses and B2B studies, especially when they call for new or unique statistical applications. These areas have included segmentation, multivariate methods, latent class and hierarchical Bayes modeling.

Mike is also a large database analyst specializing in development of database marketing and optimization models, including work for myself in the areas of predictive modeling using multiple regression, multinomial logit and probit modeling for customer database projects. His instinctive grasp of these, along with knowledge of relevant literature, allows him to help present the client with an appropriate range of solutions.

My firm will continue to use him and I highly recommend him as a consultant to other research firms, ad agencies and end users."

Jeff Savitz, Founder and CEO at Savitz Research Companies and Savitz Consulting, Dallas, TX Executive