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Morgan Analytics Research Institute, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation producing research, development, and distribution of innovations in computational neuroscience and deep machine learning. We actively work with psychiatrists, psychologists and other behavioral healthcare professionals to predict wellness outcomes by week. Our methods consist of patient completion of one short survey every week, in which he/she expresses emotions experienced during the past week. Although specific details remain confidential, all data is used to score the patient's wellness and provide probabilities of favorable and unfavorable behavioral outcomes over the following week.

Core Competencies

  • Advanced analytical modeling
  • Integration of large data sources and quantitative modeling
  • End-to-end marketing research
  • Consulting and analysis in advanced statistical topics
  • Predictive modeling and classification
  • Innovative analytical technologies
  • Machine learning and models
  • Writing surveys, collecting data by quota group, producing tabulated analyses


Morgan Analytics Research Institute, Inc. stands out in how we can still acquire, manage, analyze and predict outcomes from otherwise poorly structured or less-than-perfect data. We do this by having a wide range of expertise in data. From simple counting to describing intervaried relationships to using sophisticated statistical tools, as well as a clear intuition about where and when certain data might go bad. Our ability to "clean up" data for analysis is our knack for producing a stream of plausible hypotheses as we go through a data set or database. Sometimes, data points are missing and it is up to the data scientist to use his or her intuition and imagination about how the data were collected in order to choose the right cleaning tools.

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